Movies Sold at Sundance 2016: A Complete & Updated Guide

January 26, 2016

Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 by Peter Sciretta

Movies Sold At Sundance 2016 Distributor Breakdown

  • A24: Morris From America
  • Amazon: Manchester By The Sea, Complete Unknown, Love & Friendship, Author: The JT Leroy Story
  • Beta Cinema: Sand Storm
  • Brainstorm Media: Resilience
  • Fox Searchlight: The Birth Of A Nation
  • IFC: Weiner
  • Lionsgate: Indignation
  • Oscilloscope Laboratories: The Fits
  • Netflix: Tallulah (sVOD), Fundamentals of Caring (sVOD), Under the Shadow
  • Roadside: Love & Friendship (theatrical)
  • Showtime: Weiner (television)

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