Ana Maria in Novela Land

Comedy, Romance | Latin American | 2015


Cast: Edy Ganem, Michael Steger, Luis Guzman, Tamara Taylor, Mercedes Masohn. Sung Kang, Nestor Serrano, Juan Pablo Gamboa, Carla Marrison, Dyana Ortelli, Pepe Serna, Elizabeth Pena

Synopsis: Twenty-something Ana Maria is so bored with her life she keeps sabotaging it without thinking. After she gets fired from her job, bails on her best friend, and blows off her sister s bridal fitting, Ana Maria gets into a fight with her mom about her lack of purpose. At the end of this epically bad day, Ana Maria seeks solace by watching her favorite TV show, the Mexican telenovela Pasión Sin Limites (Passion Without Limits) which features a scheming seductress, Ariana Tomosa. In the novela, Ariana is also having a bad episode, having just been blackmailed by the evil lawyer Schmidt after being caught in a love triangle between the wealthy Eduardo and his sexy son Armando. When both Ana Maria and Ariana simultaneously complain about their crummy lives, lightning strikes and the two women switch places. As a terrified Ariana slaps her way through the real world, a liberated Ana Maria sleeps her way into big trouble. With the show hurtling towards its gripping finale, Ana Maria must figure out how she ended up in Novela Land before she is trapped inside her melodramatic fantasy forever.

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