AKA Justice

Thriller, Action & Adventure | 1999

Cast: James Belushi (LAST ACTION HERO, K-9), Joe Beth Williams (WYATT EARP, THE BIG CHILL, POLTERGEIST) and Charles Durning (THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, TOOTSIE), Tracey Needham

Synopsis: Gina Gallagher (Tracey Needham) is a federal prosecutor who sends a major drug dealer to prison only to find herself the target of his partners in crime. Their reprisals become too close for comfort when Gina's partner is killed, but she begins to suspect that the drug lords have gained some powerful allies when a major U.S. attorney begins running interference against her. However, Frank (James Belushi), an undercover FBI agent, and Moe (Charles Durning), a retired cop, become Gina's unlikely allies as she tries to get to the bottom of the dealers' tangled web and save her own neck in the process.

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