Cast: Sam Vincent, Andrew Francis, Lee Tockar, Shannon Chan-Kent
Just when the evil Dr. Blakk has been defeated and it seems like Eli Shane’s duties as protector of Slugterra are getting easier, a new danger emerges from beyond the 99 ...



Cast: Sam Vincent, Andrew Francis, Lee Tockar, Shannon Chan-Kent
In Slugterra: Return of the Elementals, a new member joins the Shane Gang and he is a master of the mysterious slugslinging art of Slug Fu.



Cast: Sam Vincent, Lee Tockar, Shannon Chan-Kent, Andrew Francis, V...
Eli has added some awesome new slugs to his arsenal: extremely powerful Elemental Slugs. To control them, Eli must learn Slug Fu. But while Eli and Junjie train in isolation, ...


Cast: Erika Eleniak, Monika Schnarre, Peter Dobson
Barbara and Liz, travel to a safe location to escape Liz’s abusive boyfriend. It is no longer safe when a snowstorm locks them in with at least one intruder.



Cast: Ross Lynch, Sandra Oh, Angela Gallupo, Lucinda Davis, Don Shepard
During the winter break, the kids in a small village decide to have a massive snowball fight. Luke and Sophie become the leaders of the opposing sides. Whichever side ...


Cast: Christopher Gorham, Susan Misner, Arthur Nascarella
Dennis fights off a robber in a costume shop while wearing a “Man America” outfit. The media asks, “Who is Man America?” This is very important to one boy who thinks more of ...


Cast: Greg Evigan, Elisabeth Moss, Austin O’Brien, Ralph Waite
Kelly is stricken with grief from her mom's death. Her father moves them for a new start, and the house is haunted by a spirit, in which Kelly finds a kindred soul.



Cast: Juan Pablo Barragan, Alejandro Aguilar, Mauricio Navas
After losing contact with a military base, a high mountain unit is sent to investigate.



Cast: K'naan
A chilling exploration of the Somali pirate phenomenon.


Cast: Ovidiu Balan Moussa Maaskri
The story of six illegal immigrants who escape from European authorities by hiding in a container and embark on a long and difficult journey in hope of a better life.


Cast: Holly Hunter, Carrie Coon, Kim Coates
Holly Hunter stars as a mother determined to find out what happened the day her son died.  She sets out for New Orleans to confront her son’s old classmate and settle the ...


Medium_menemsha_logo_high-resbrand Streit's: Matzo and the American Dream is the story of the last family-owned matzo bakery in America during their final year at their historic New York City factory.


Cast: Shannen Doherty, Colm Feore (Face Off) , Sean Hewitt (Stephen ...
A young woman who works as a paparazzi finds herself stalked and then swindled by a group of people she trusted, she fights them at their own game.



Cast: Bruno S., Eva Mattes, Clemens Scheitz
In Berlin, an alcoholic man, recently released from prison, joins his elderly friend and a prostitute in a determined dream to leave Germany and seek a better life in ...



Cast: Julianna Guill, Marc Bendavid, Vivica A. Fox, Natasha Henstrid...
The star manager of a small-town clothing store is suddenly promoted to run a company's flagship store... in Manhattan. To make it in the big city, she must combine her newly ...


Cast: Jeff Daniels, Dawn Wells, Sandra Birch, Matt Letscher, Kate Pe...
Rival door-to-door vacuum cleaner distributors, Fred Barlow and Winslow Schnaebelt, battle for territory and survival in a “winner takes all” contest.



Cast: Poppy Montgomery, Emily Tennant, Steven Krueger, Ty Olsson
A woman acting as a surrogate for her estranged sister is put in peril when it turns out that someone doesn't want the baby to be born.


Cast: Xavier Declie (THE OUTSIDER, ADRENALINE, NEMESIS 3), Richard M...
It is the year 2112. Earth has become a prison. The only hope for one man’s survival is to save the president who has crashed on Earth.


Cast: Olivier Gruner (NEMESIS, MERCENARY), Eric Roberts (THE SPECIAL...
A member of an elite mercenary force tries to leave and is tracked down by his team. His only hope for freedom is to eliminate all of the members of his mercenary force.



Cast: Michealene Cristini Risley, Betty Makoni
A filmmaker risked her life to document CNN Hero Betty Makoni, and her shelter for victims of rape. Touching & revealing, these are women and girls who are unforgettable.


Cast: Dominique Swain (LOLITA, FACE/OFF), Brad Renfro (APT PUPIL, TH...
TART is a dark coming-of-age drama about a private school girl’s struggle to be accepted by New York City’s most privileged kids.


Cast: Brigitte Nielsen (BEVERLY HILLS COP II, ROCKY IV), Richard Moll
Ladera, a warrior from another planet, is sent to Earth to obtain the mysterious Fire Crystal. Archenemy Kyla of a rival world battles her for control of the Universe.


Medium_sttalogo " An absolutely beautiful, breathtaking film...If you don't shed a tear, you ain't right". ." - Terry Bradshaw. "A winner." - Mike Scott, New Orleans Times-Picayune


Cast: Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, Chase Masterson, Kate Mulgrew, Pat...
In this documentary mini series, Shatner, in each of the five half an hour episodes, presents and interviews one of the people who played the five Star Trek captains before ...



Cast: Interviews with: General David Petraeus, General Nasier Abadi,...
Never-before-interviewed military personnel, including Gen. Petraeus, recount their Iraq experience and how they reacted.