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Cast: Costas Mandylor, Alexandra Paul, Adam Baldwin, Robert Costanzo
Michael, a cop, falls in love with his best friend, Peter's wife. Yet Michael is tormented by his responsibility for Peter's immobility after he is injured on the job.


Cast: Penelope Ann Miller, Mercedes Ruehl, Omar Anguiano
Mary Kay Letourneau, a respected elementary school teacher, begins a sexual affair with a 13-year-old student. What first started as a brief encounter quickly spirals out ...


Cast: George Stanchev, Aaron Lohr, Jeff Geddis, L.B. Fisher, Colin F...
In 1966, producers Bert Schneider and Bob Rafaelson come up with the idea of creating a TV show that would feature the American answer to the Beatles, The Monkees.


Cast: Susan Dey, Scott Cooper, Mark Kiely, Derk Cheetwood
Vietnam. How far will a dog go to save his best friend?


Cast: Dean Stockwell, James Remar, Jason Behr, Jaimz Woolvett
A father and his two grown sons are together at the family’s vacation cabin in hopes of overcoming their differences and reconcile, until two escaped convicts join them.